Personal Growth Coaching

Are you ready?

The majority of people on this earth today are living far below their potential.  Many are living in constant states of stress, anxiety, fear, and sadness - they KNOW that they need a change, but they just don't know how.  Just as dangerous, many are living lives of complacency, boredom, and mediocrity....unaware that everything they truly want in life is in their hands to create.

Using spiritual guidance, I teach people how to unlock their true potential.   There is an abundance of health, wealth, love, and opportunity that can be found by learning how to control our energy.  I use law-of-attraction principals, guided meditations, and manifestation exercises to show you how to reprogram your thoughts, reframe your story, and redesign your life.

What people are saying

"Rachel teaches with such sincerity and passion that it will leave you full of inspiration, gratitude, and love.  It was a life-changing experience.  Danielle Vogel 

"She is like no one you have ever met and her energy is contagious!  I am so grateful she came into my life and opened up a world I hadn't seen before.  I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next!  - Kerri Owens

"If you get a chance to work with Rachel O’Rourke, or just be influenced by her journey, you will find her energy (aka magic) with subtly change you forever." - Amber Jane Arquette

Business Coaching

It's time to THRIVE

You have a gift and you want to share it with the world.  Yay you!  Congrats on taking one giant step toward one of your life's purposeses.  You also want to have an abundance of freedom, money, and adventure in your life.  That's where the struggle can begin.  A lot of people have a difficult time figuring out how to do both of these at once.  They don't know how to market their business, let alone price their services in a way that feels good. They feel overwhelmed in what to focus on and what direction they need to take to make the biggest impact in their business's growth.  

Trust me - I get it.  I was there once.  Hard to believe it was only a few years ago to be honest.  Since then, I have built a multi-six figure business by getting to do soul-fulfilling work that changes women's lives.  I travel and play on a consistent basis, and my business continues to grow without feeling daily  stress, overwhelm, or struggle.   

If you are looking for support to turn your passion into profit, your struggle into flow, and your stress into ease - we need to chat.  I only work with a small number of 1:1 clients at a time, please book a consultation to see if we would be a good fit together!

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Please book an initial consultation if we have never worked together before.

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