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Becoming Limitless: Vantalks 2019 Talk

Rachel's Vtalks 2019 Presentation

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SPARK school is an online Personal Growth School for women


The SPARK school is an online Personal Growth School for women that teaches all of the concepts you need to create an un-f***ing-believable life by focusing on the trifecta of human potential - The Mind, The Body, and The Spirit.

The SPARK school is a hub for women who are on a mission to awaken to who they were born to be. Through weekly curriculum, guided meditations, live coaching calls, neuro-transformation activities, action prompts, topic-focused affirmations, and an insane amount of high-vibe content - together we will do just that!

By enrolling in this unique and powerful platform, you can learn and grow from the comfort of your own home & connect with a community of women who are on their own personal journeys of unlocking their potential.

SPARK Storytelling


COMING SOON: Starting November 2019! Are you an inspiring speaker? Maybe you are trying to decide if you are ready to share your story with an audience? Come to our SPARK Story telling nights to connect with other amazing women who are feeling the same! This is a great opportunity to LISTEN to the stories of others, even if you are not interested in speaking!

Flawed Females Podcast


The Flawed Females Podcast is hosted by Rachel O'Rourke and Lizzie Keith.  Listen in weekly and be inspired to live louder - love bigger - laugh often - and pursue ALL those dreams keeping you up at night!  The podcast officially launches in April of 2019.  Follow Rachel and Lizzy on Social Media in the meantime - and visit the website by clicking the button below!

Connect with Rachel at one of these events



October 21-23 2019 Rachel will lead a 50 minute workshop to VIP ticket holders at SHINE Live! If you are in Canada or feeling the need to travel- this event may just be for you!



Why do some people seem to have the personality and confidence to easily grow through change while others find themselves debilitated with stress?   Rachel will be discussing this at this private event October 25th and 26th.

Unleash U


November 1st - 3rd Rachel will be in Georgetown, DE speaking at an Empowerment Conference presented by Unleash U. 



Rachel is returning to KATU on November 13th. She will be on their Afternoon LIVE segment. 

Her Global Voice


Rachel will be amongst an incredible line up of powerful women in L.A, CA on January 10th and 11th speaking at an event brought to you by the Unlimited Woman Alliance. MORE info coming so

It's all about YOU


On January 18th Rachel will be at the Shilo Inn in Portland, OR speaking at a live women's event "Celebrating the magnificent woman you are inside and out because it's all about YOU BABY!" - by Cosette "CoCo" Leary event creator