Becoming Limitless: Vantalks 2019 Talk

Rachel's Vtalks 2019 Presentation

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SPARK school is an online Personal Growth School for women


The SPARK school is an online Personal Growth School for women that teaches all of the concepts you need to create an un-f***ing-believable life by focusing on the trifecta of human potential - The Mind, The Body, and The Spirit.

The SPARK school is a hub for women who are on a mission to awaken to who they were born to be. Through weekly curriculum, guided meditations, live coaching calls, neuro-transformation activities, action prompts, topic-focused affirmations, and an insane amount of high-vibe content - together we will do just that!

By enrolling in this unique and powerful platform, you can learn and grow from the comfort of your own home & connect with a community of women who are on their own personal journeys of unlocking their potential.



Rachel has had the honor of being asked to come back every month to KATU News to share some value to our beautiful Portland Community 💙💛 Giving back is something Rachel truly loves to do!

Flawed Females Podcast


The Flawed Females Podcast is hosted by Rachel O'Rourke and Lizzie Keith.  Listen in weekly and be inspired to live louder - love bigger - laugh often - and pursue ALL those dreams keeping you up at night!  The podcast officially launches in April of 2019.  Follow Rachel and Lizzy on Social Media in the meantime - and visit the website by clicking the button below!


One in a million

Rachel is a one in a million gal. She amazes me in her ability to blend in with girlfriends and rub elbows with the famous. Her courage, bravery and confidence to be herself and follow her heart – no matter how crazy it seems or where ever she may find herself to be – leaves me in awe. I want that! Come rub my elbow a few more times! One of her MANY talents is event creation – like magic mixing in a caldron – or the best cocktail that has ever passed your lips – she as the ability to combine the right people, the right mission, the right message and the right energies to SPARK transformation in others. With her event Spark Chico, I was not only impressed that I had, fundamental, transformation – but that all who attended went through character transformation. What do I mean by character transformation – I simple mean BEING MORE OF WHO YOU TRUELY ARE. A gift I will cherish for ever! Thank you. I also mean releasing old ways of being that have held you back. I mean Sparking to life that vibrant, creative YOU that had been buried. I have been to many events (transformational ones too). But what Rachel brings is a special ability to allow the magic to happen, be an example, teach how to trust again and build a sisterhood of love. I believe Rachel can bring the best out in you, whether that be through her coaching or her event coordination or attending her next event. If you get a chance to work with Rachel O’Rourke, or just be influenced by her journey, you will find her energy (aka magic) with subtly change you forever.

Amber Jane Arquette

Emails that Excite

When I see your emails in my inbox , I get exited and save them for a special time to read.

Lisa Suarnawa

World Changer

This woman owned this. She took it over. I’m still getting calls and messages about how impactful she was. There is a team of UnleashU Now ladies making plans for the 2020 Spark conference because of her.

She is a world changer at the highest level. If you ever get a chance to enjoy moments of life with her take it for it will never be the same after.

She will hold a dear place with UnleashU Now and many of the people in it for all time.

Thank you Rachel O'Rourke for being the gift many needed and you delivered! I’m sure our paths will cross again and I’m excited to see it unfold.

Michael Fabber

SPARK School

I have done Purpose "work" for years and taught others how to find their purpose. Between the meditation, directions from Spark School day 1 and the Jay Shetty, I realized I have been "Working hard" instead of allowing it to flow from this fabulous flawed female!! More amazing time to pause this morning, meditate and let it flow. I'm just jotting notes of things that pop into my mind for a few days and then start to put it all together.

Thank you so much Rachel O'Rourke for this amazing Spark School!

Kathleen Cannon

SPARK Summit

The heart-felt sharing from women around the country provided inspiration, as well as the group activities that bound us closer together. The entire event felt spacious and luscious and powerful. Thank you, Rachel, for creating this container for all of us!

Stephanie Steyer

The Brightest Light

Rachel is a magical human. Her mission in life is to meet other women, where they are at in their lives, and help them to unlock their potential, so that they can rise up into the women they were born to be! She is motivating inspiring, encouraging, and she is REAL! She truly does live by a beautiful example of putting herself #1 (as we all should) and her family comes in as a close second! Yet, she makes space for those around her, so that they can be seen and heard. She is someone you just want to be around. Rachel is one of the most generous souls I have ever met. She will make you laugh, lift you up when you are sad, and leave you feeling empowered to make positive, forward movement in your life! Thank you Rachel for all that you do!

Janelle McMiller

Connect with Rachel at one of these events

SPARK Your Business


Right now is a fantastic time to launch a new business or grow your toddler company.  Unfortunately, many people quit in their first two years because it never quite "gets off the ground".  Through our new SPARK YOUR BUSINESS workshops, we are going to teach you the foundational strategies for creating and nourishing a HIGHLY profitable business so you can share your gift with the world.  

SPARK Your Vision


1.11.20 we are going to be doing a "SPARK Your Vision" full-day experience that includes:

An epic vision board making session

An affirmation candle making workshop with Leslie Abrams from Yo Soy Candles 

A manifestation hypnosis experience with Mary Lou Rodriguez + More activities to SPARK your vision for 2020 and the tools you will need to bring that vision to LIFE!

It's all about YOU


On January 18th Rachel will be at the Shilo Inn in Portland, OR speaking at a live women's event "Celebrating the magnificent woman you are inside and out because it's all about YOU BABY!" - by Cosette "CoCo" Leary event creator 

SPARK Reiki Retreat


Ready to get away?  SPARK Retreats are intimate 3-7 day experiences that include nurturing your spirit, deep personal growth, and a lot of PLAY!

This is our very first Reiki Retreat and we are excited to share this space with you!

January 24-27 2020

Magnolia Retreat Workshop


Rachel will be traveling to Waco, TX to run a workshop during a 3 day retreat! More info coming!



The 4th annual SPARK Personal Growth Summit for Women is September 19th-20th, 2020 at The Oregon Convention Center!   Come re-discover the woman you were born to be!