rachel o'rourke

Rachel O'Rourke


January of 2017 - another New Year had passed me by and yet another year where I felt lost in the feelings of "There's got to be something more".  I was stuck in a corporate job that bored me to death.  I was getting payday loans MONTHLY to get by.  I craved travel, play, and new experiences - but had no idea how to create it for myself and my family.  I was stuck in a never ending hamster wheel.  New day, same stresses.  Same boredom.  Same me.

Desperate for change, I picked up the book "You are a bad-ass" by Jen Sincero.  A gateway "drug" into the personal development world, it completely changed my life.   I began consuming content like an addict - books, videos, podcasts, events...I couldn't get enough.  In a very short amount of time:

  • I quit my job and launched a business
  • I went from making $4-5k/month to making multi six figures 
  • I traveled more in a year than I had in my entire life (and probably my past lives combined)
  • I launched SPARK Events
  • I met some really cool people - celebs I had once idolized and new high-vibe friends from all over the world
  • I attracted extraordinary experiences, like throwing a party for the NYC cast of Hamilton and eating dinner with country singer Martina McBride
  • My husband is now a stay-at-home dad
  • We've upgraded our home and our vehicle
  • I've launched a podcast and started writing a book
  • I'm HAPPIER than I've ever been before!

I learned how to redesign my life by reprogramming my thoughts and emotions. My beliefs about what is actually possible in this world have transformed.  I have become a deliberate creator of my life!  

I'm sharing this with you not to brag - but to tell you whatever you want ...the money, the freedom, the spaciousness, the love. it's all available to you.  It's actually WAITING for you!  You have been looking at the world through a vale that only YOU can lift.  

Here's my secret(s):

I got a a clear idea of what I wanted to create in my life (money for me equaled freedom and spaciousness)

I visualized it every day

I developed a meditation practice (even after I felt like a failure at it)

I kept my vibration high (80% of the time)

I got in tune with my own energy (mood, feelings, emotions) and started to reprogram my thoughts

I take (scary) inspired action when my intuition tells me to.

I dream BIGGER than I ever allowed myself to do and trust it will happen.

I've stopped trying to control the “how” or “when” it would happen.

Now through my events, coaching, podcast, and (soon to be) book, I'm teaching others how to become delivertae creators of their lives too.  It's an extraordinary life I get to live!   

Know this.  If you are readying this - you're likely ready for a change too.  Are you ready to unlock yoru full potential?



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Rachel is a wife, mom to four CEO of O'Rourke Media and founder of SPARK Global.  She lives in Portland, Oregon, but was grown in Northern California.  You can dive into her world by listening to The Flawed Females Podcast (coming May 2019), attend one of her events, joining her epic email list, finding her on social, or working with her either 1:1 or in her "Unlock Your Potential" program.