A fast-track to achieving any major goal!


VIP Days might just be my favorite way of working with people!  Imagine an entire day devoted to only you and your goal.  In the span of 10 hours, we work closely together to gain clarity on the specifics around what you want to achieve, map out a plan to get there (with plenty of room to pivot of course),  create a mission statement that can be used as your North Star, break out the craft drawer to design a bad-ass vision board,  break down your belief system around how your subconscious mind perceives your goal(s), write out affirmations to help you along your journey, and use energy work to prepare for your exciting journey ahead (sometimes with the help of my woo-woo allies!).  

In short...VIP days can be used to create MASSIVE momentum in your business or other life goal(s).   They are EPIC.

What you can expect

Located in Portland, Oregon


Or I can travel to you or a destination retreat.  *Additional fees required

10 Hours


We don't waste a single minute in this packed productive day.  Includes meals.

Actionable Plan


Leave with a tangible action plan and the confidence you need moving toward your goal